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 Marcus McVey-Admin Application

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PostSubject: Marcus McVey-Admin Application   Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:30 am

What is your In-Game Name?:Marcus_McVey

Age? 17

Have you been banned from any other servers, If so why?: No

How long have you played pure-rp for ?: 2 Days,but i wasn't in game,because the IP Server is wrong or somthing,but im on Forums always.

Why do you want to be admin? Because i'd like to help the Community,and to keep cheaters/hackers away from this server.

Are you on the "Sprunk Buster List"?: No

What country are you from?: Dubai

Would you call yourself a fair person?: I Think So

Say somebody joined the server, started making accusations about hacking us, What would you do?: I'll ban him,or if he was Real Sayin,then ofcourse ill ban him,but if i dont know if it's true,then we'll See.

If a player comes in and is being very racist how would you react?: I'll mute him for 5 minutes,or to tell him to Calm down,and we'll see,or Give him a warning/kick.

Explain how ,why , and what you would use the commands /slap /god /kick /ban for.? /slap: Losses HP,If he did a little mistake,/ban: For Hackers,if he hacked,cheated,abused. /kick: Gives a Warning,if he insulted or Started DMing Or non-rping or Metagaming etc,/god: is used to use it while you Did somone Re-rp that thing,or admin on duty So you can't loose Health.

When you receive a report, What would you do?: Depends on the report,and i'll go and check on him/her

Say there was a bug with the server, A large one and its effecting everybody playing, What would you do?: Report it on the forums ,or tell them not to do that thing,or to use it,or a command.
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Marcus McVey-Admin Application
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