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 WestSide Crips

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PostSubject: WestSide Crips   Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:50 am

Family/Gang Name:West Side Crips

-Marucs East

Background story(Min 200 words):When Marcus McVey and his brother was just babys an there family was mostly Crips, so there for that’s what they became and they grew up on SF. 5years past by and there mother was in the kitchen cooking for her family, then out of nowhere they heard something like"Bloodz Bitch", then shots started popping off and Marcus his brother ran under the table and put their hands over their heads and started crying,then closed there eyes. After all the shooting they open their eyes and saw there mother laying on the floor dead. When Marcus and his brother got 13 they asked their father (Raul “OG” Banks) could they be down with the set, and their father asked them” are you sure you ready for what you about to take,” and Marcus and his brother said,” yes. When his father took them to the backyard the dogs started barking,and it was dark and raining, then their father did a sound, (Criiiiiiiiiip) next thing you know five of their fathers YC’s came out( Young Crips ),so Marcus and his brother looked surprise and said,” Lets do it”.

After, 15min past by Marcus and His Brother , and gave them their blue flags. Now Marcus and his brother went to school starting fights, breaking rules, and out right out of control so they kicked them out of school. Then the streets became there school they learned more and more about there set. Then one morning they woke up and all they could think about was money. Marcus and his brother use to walk down the street and see people with new shoes on an new clothes an all they had was some cut up pants and a musucle shirt , so they figured why not rob them. Marcus robbed every cornor shop he knew in Los Santos and his brother robbed couple of people at that and made like 3000$ all together in one day untill his father told them" you dont need all that money sons, you could of just ask me, but i use to do the same thang yall did egared for money". They hated asking for money, they wanted to earn it their own way, but they did what they father told them to do and stopped robbing people.

Then 6 years past by they was sitting on the porch with their homies on LS down the street from the store, then a red impala was riding in there hood so they flag the car down and said,"Yo homie you need something", so the impala hit a U-turn then the dude pulled up in John and his brother face and on the side of the car they saw, Compton Bloodz so Marcus said, “ Wrong hood homie”, and the dude in the red impala said,” what you say little cracka”, so his brother took that very offensive so he pulled the man out his car and start beating the blood to his knees in 3 hits, then his father came outside and grab his brother an said,” what the fuck is wrong with you boy”, Marcus was speech less, so his father took his brother in side and while he was in the house Marcus and his homies start whooping the blood also and left him on the curb half dead.

Marcus and his brother could still remember that voice he heard when his moma was in the kitchen( Bloodz Bitch). Marcus and his brother knew they started a war therefore they didn’t give a fuck so they made their own click with their homies called the Westside Crips and went head up with anybody that got in their way.

Members:(Ill get more later))
Marcus McVey

HQ:Idlewood, Near pizza stack

Skin IDs

Rank names:
-Rank 1:New Foo
-Rank 2:Soldier
-Rank 3:Young crip
-Rank 4:Gangsta crip
-Rank 5:Lil O.G
-Rank 6:Street O.G

Vehicle IDs

Family/Gang Rules:
- Do not attack other family members or faction members with no reason.
- Do not capture/takeover other family's HQ/Base with no reason.
-Dont Snitch
-Be Down till you die
-Respect da O.G


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WestSide Crips
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